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人気あるSRの場合  例 出)SR 求)SR













 ※長老 維持について※




週間寄付数200以下、クラン宝箱シーズン中33回以下。退室処置は致しません。 ※但し降格になります。















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Welcome to ultra Japan!
Is passion skills and respect for each other, affects. And are actively accepting foreign players. Thanks for participating and thank you.
 First of all you should aim to elder!
Rules rules
 * Thank you for donations * principles do not need on
* Donations Sunday SR *. New members a week later SR request is possible.
After the subscription request will be through.
Example of the popular SR out) seeking SR) SR
 Example and accepted by the parties stated above, and please submit the request.
Note 2v2. *
1, Norma (2) 3, Norma (6)
(1) a clan battle of fate during the season their 6 achieved please. (2) clan treasure box during their one day 11 times total 33 times achieved please.To the elders * way *
(1) clan treasure box during the season 60 times more than in elevation.
 (2) aim weeks contributions number more than 300.
* Sit * for
Sub-group leader or the leader in short check please.
 Clan treasure box season 2 days before release seat NG
About the elders keep *.
(1) number of weeks donations 200 donations keep please.
 (2) clan treasure box season in 33 times keep.
About the benefits of the elders *. Weekly donation of 200 or less, clan treasure box during the season, 33 times. Entry and exit procedures will not match.
 * However will be relegated.
Note access treatment. * The Act make it seem offensive. Trolls. No reason for leaving.
 Weekly donation number given below.
* Friends battle * for
Fred battle comments (stamp stock) and listed only with stamps available it is.
(If the excessive hype please use mute function) * Note * comments to stamp available and if not mentioned is the stamp cannot be used. The greetings-friendly.
Among parties relegated the hype and decide if. (Stamp available is Conference & international players.
Name column comments to the review on the Fred battle challenge * do not believe the hype) (if excessive hype please use mute function)
 * After the battle the word thank you thank you. It is a high rank cannot achieve the elders, members of the usual.
It is a testament to donate 300 hours or more than clan treasure chest 60 contributed to achieve this rank. This is the highest rank cannot be done members of the Sub-group leader, elder. It is a testament to chat in able to achieve this rank, have made contributions clan treasure chest, trophy, donated on a regular basis.